Round 5

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Game of the Week

WBA 4 v 2 West Ham

  • Favourite Manager for the chop, Tony Pulis, steers his team into top half of the table

Q. Which is more unusual, conceding 3 in three consecutive games, or 4 in back to back matches?
A.The former; 66 to 54, as I write

West Ham are clear ‘winners’ extending their lead in both categories this week end

Conceding 3 x 3 Conceding 4 x 2

Biggest Upset

Crystal Palace 4 - 1 Stoke City

Toss up with the Watford defeat of Man Utd but three of four games Stoke had come up against the current top 3 in the division and Palace are generally poor at home. Stoke have now conceded in a current league leading 15 consecutive games which is also their worst-ever in the Premier league

Chart of Week

One bright spark for West Ham has been the goal-scoring prowess of Antonio, especially in the air He has already scored 11 headed goals in just 31 games, many of them lining up at full back

The leader all-time is Alan Shearer with 46. Peter Crouch has beens stuck on 45 since May 2015 and is now usually an unused bench player (even when his team is four down)

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