Chapter 13 Acknowledgements and Appreciation

I deeply want to thank Conor Anderson and Karen Smith for the inspiration behind this book. Conor’s previous work using bookdown was an incredible reference to use when creating this document.

I also want to thank the teaching assistants of the 2019 Fall session for all of their hard work during the semester and their feedback and suggestions for the lab component of the course (in alphabetical order):

  • Talin Atikian
  • Zach DiLoreto
  • Beatriz Herrera
  • Amy Jenne
  • Victoria Nimmo
  • Narwan Rashid
  • Adriano Roberto
  • Carolyn Thickett
  • Li Yuening

Lastly, a special thank you to Chai Chen and Tom Meulendyk for their hard work and assistance during the labs, along with their contributions to the lab content of the course.