Chapter 2 Introduction

EESA01 is a half credit course that aims to introduce students to the science behind processes occurring on the earth and within its atmosphere. The course will look at relationships between environmental degradation and human activity in terms of the physical, chemical, and biological processes operating at or near the earth’s surface. The environmental costs and consequences of human activity are examined in an attempt to define balances between human living conditions and environmental integrity. The course is science-based and intended for students interested in pursuing environmental issues from a scientific (physical, chemical, biological, and mathematical) perspective. The course’s primary intent is to provide a broad background for students pursuing an education in Environmental Science. The laboratories introduced in this manual will largely tie into concepts taught in lectures. Laboratories will expose students to the study of environmental science in both field and lab contexts. Have fun and be willing to learn something new!

2.1 Evaluation

Labs overall will be worth 40%, with each of the four labs equally worth 10% of your final mark.

2.2 Contact Information

Course Instructor: Prof. Adam Martin

Office: EV464 (Environmental Science & Chemistry Building)


Book Author: Andrew Apostoli (PhD. Candidate)

Office: EV316 and EV347

2.3 Acknowledgements

The production of this manual benefited greatly from examples of other laboratory manuals provided by Professor Effie Sauer from the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences. Can add Karen, Carl, Keane, Conor, etc…