This book is designed to help students develop an intuition for intermediate microeconomic concepts using interactive plots and animations.

By no means is this a replacement for your course textbook; it should serve as a supplement that builds confidence towards more complex topics.


This book is still a work in progress, so there is a chance you will find typos or inconsistencies. Please let me know if you find any at yogi (dot) gohel (at) rutgers (dot) edu.

All chapters besides Chapter 1, Consumer Behavior, are placeholders. They will be updated as work on the book proceeds.


This book assumes familiarity with topics covered in an introductory microeconomics course and univariate differential calculus; at Rutgers these are 01:220:102 and 01:640:135/151, respectively.


While it is not recommended, you can view this book on a smaller device such as a phone. The plots will still be interactive, but they do not properly scale to the smaller screen. For the best reading experience, use a laptop or computer.