1. be absent from…. 缺席,不在

  2. absence of mind being absent-minded 心不在焉

  3. be abundant in / be rich in 富于富有

  4. access to 不可数名词 能接近进入了解

  5. by accident by chance accidentally偶然地意外.

  6. in accord with 与…一致

  7. take…into account consider把…考虑进去

  8. account for give an explanation or reason for 解释 说明

  9. accuse…of…charge…with blame sb. for sth. blame sth. on sb. complain about 指控控告

  10. be accustomed to / be used to 习惯于

  11. be acquainted with 了解 熟悉

  12. act as 扮演

  13. adapt oneself to adjust oneself to 使自己适应于

  14. in addition besides 此外 又 加之1

  15. in addition toas well as besides other than除…外1

  16. adhere to abide by conform to comply with cling to insist on persist in observe opinion belief 粘附 坚持 遵循

  17. adjust..to change slightly调节 适应

  18. in advance before in time 预告 事先

  19. have an advantage over 胜过.

  20. take advantage of make the best of make use of profit from利用.

  21. ahead of 在…之前超过…. ahead of time 提前.

  22. above all especially most important of all 尤其是 最重要的.

  23. after all 毕竟到底 not at all 一点也不

  24. above all 最重要的 first of all 首先 all in all 大体上说

  25. take into consideration / take into account 考虑到 估计到.

  26. amount to be equal to 总计 等于.

  27. answer for be liable for take charge for 对…负责.

  28. be anxious about 为…焦急不安

  29. apologize to sb. for sth. 为…向…道歉

  30. appeal to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人呼吁. appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力

  31. apply to sb. for sth. 为…向…申请 apply for 申请 apply to 适用.

  32. apply to 与…有关适用

  33. approve of be in favor of favor 赞成 approve vt. 批准

  34. arrive on 到达 arrive at 到达某地小地方得出作出 arrive in 到达某地大 地方

  35. be ashamed of 以…为羞耻

  36. assure sb. of sth.向…保证使…确信.

  37. attribute…to…把..归因于.. 认为..是..的结果

  38. be aware of be conscious of意识到知道.

  39. turn one’s back on sb. 不理睬某人背弃抛弃

  40. behind one’s back 背着某人说坏话

  41. be based on / upon 基于

  42. on the basis of 根据… 在…基础上

  43. on behalf of 以…名义

  44. believe inhave faith or trust in 相信依赖信仰.

  45. benefit from 受益得到好处.

  46. for the benefit of 为了…的利益好处

  47. give birth to 出生

  48. blame sb. for sth.因…责备某人 . blame sth. on sb. 把…推在某人身上

  49. out of breath 喘不过气来

  50. in briefing as few words as possible简言之

  51. on business 出差办事.

  52. be busy with sth.于某事 。 be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事

  53. but for without 要不是. 表示假设

  54. be capable of 能够 有能力

  55. in any case at any rate at any price at any cost无论如何

  56. in case for fear that 万一

  57. in case of in the event of如果发生…万一

  58. in no case 在任何情况下都不放句首倒装句

  59. be cautious of 谨防

  60. center/focus one’s attention on 把某人的注意力集中在…上

  61. by chance accidentally by accident偶然

  62. charge sb. with …控告某人犯有…

  63. in charge of responsible for 负责某事

  64. in the charge of …由…管

  65. charge…for 因…索取费用

  66. round the clock all day and all night usually without stopping 昼夜不停地

  67. comment on 评论

  68. commit a matter to a committee 把某事交给委员会讨论

  69. in common 和…有共同之处共用.7

  70. compare…with … 把…与…比较

  71. compare…to… 把…比作…

  72. by comparison 比较起来

  73. compensate for give sth. to make up for 补偿 赔偿弥补 compensate sb. for sth. 赔偿弥补

  74. complain of or about抱怨诉苦控告complain about 抱怨某人或事情

  75. comply with 遵守 依从

  76. concentrate on or upon 集中专心

  77. be concerned with about 与…有关

  78. confess to承认 供认confess to a crime 承认罪行.

  79. with confidence 满怀信心地have confidence in 对…有信心

  80. conform to comply with 符合遵照遵守

    1obey 服从 2 observe 3comply with 照…办 4keep to 遵循 5abide by 服从6stick to 按..做

  81. be confronted with 面对 面临

  82. congratulate sb. on 祝贺

  83. be conscious ofbe aware of觉察知道

  84. under consideration 在考虑中

  85. consist ofbe composed of由…组成的.

  86. be consistent with 与…一致.

  87. to one’s heart’s content 尽情地痛痛快快

  88. be content with be satisfied with 满足于 be content to do sth.愿意做某事

  89. on the contrary 相反

  90. in contrast to/with 和…形成对比 by contrast 对比之下

  91. contribute to 有助于

  92. under control 被控制住 out of control 无法控制

  93. convince sb. of 使某人确信

  94. cope with deal with应付 处理

  95. correspond with exchange letters regularly 通信

  96. at all costs 不惜任何代价 . at the cost of 以…为代价

  97. be critical of 爱挑毛病的,批评的

  98. be in danger of处于…危险中 be out of danger 脱离危险

  99. out of date 过时的;up to date 新式的时兴的 date back to 可追溯到

  100. on the decline 在衰退中 在减少中,on the increase 在增加

  101. to one’s delight 令某人感到高兴

    to one’s regret 遗憾 sorrow 悲痛 relief 安心

    distress 苦恼 shame 羞愧 surprise 惊奇 astonishment 惊奇

  102. deprive sb. of sth. 剥夺某人某物

  103. derive…from 从…取得由…来的,起源于

  104. in despair 绝望

  105. despite in spite of 不管 尽管

  106. in detail 详细地

  107. on a diet 吃某种特殊饮食 节食

  108. differ from…in 与…的区别在于…

  109. dismiss sb. from a job for 因…解雇 开除

  110. beyond dispute 不容争议的无可争议

  111. in dispute 在争议中

  112. in the distance 在远处. make out 辩认出

  113. be distinct from be different from 与…截然不同

  114. distinguish…from 把…与…区别开

  115. do away with get rid of abolish discard; eliminate 除去废除取消

  116. have…to do with 与…有关系

  117. without doubt undoubtedly无可置疑地

  118. be due to 是由于

  119. have an effect on 对…有影响

  120. go into effect 生效. 近: come into effect take effect be brought into effect

  121. emerge from appear 出现 暴露问题. 意见等

  122. place or put lay an emphasis on 强调 把重点放在…上

  123. right to do sth.有权…有资格…

  124. be equal to 等于

  125. be equipped with 装备有装有

  126. be equivalent to equal in value amount meaning 相等于相当于

  127. except 除…以外 besides 除…以外还有..

  128. with the exception of except apart from 除去…. 除…以外1

  129. exchange…for 以…交换

  130. at the expense of 在损害…情况下以…为牺牲132.expose…to…使暴露于… 使…受危险风险

  131. beyond expression in a manner that cannot be expressed 无法形容 说不出的

  132. keep an eye on keep a watch on照看监视

  133. lose faith in 对…失去信心

  134. faithful to loyal to 对…忠诚

  135. familiar with 熟悉了解

  136. far from 远远不是

  137. find fault with complain about criticize找毛病,对…吹毛求疵

  138. in favor of 赞成

  139. feel like have a desire for 想要

  140. fill in 填写

  141. fill out fill in 填写

  142. focus on concentrate on 集中在…上1

  143. go into force 开始生效1

  144. by force 靠武力 强行

  145. free of charge 免费

  146. be freed from 免受 没有…

  147. in front of 在…前面

  148. furnish…with supply 向…提供

  149. in general in most cases usually通常

  150. catch or get a glimpse of 瞥见强调结果 take a glance or look at 看一眼强 调动作

  151. be good for 对…有好处对…有作用 be good at 擅长于 be good to 对…好

  152. take…for granted assume to be true 把…认为理所当然的

  153. be grateful to sb. for sth 因…感谢某人

  154. be guilty of 犯有…罪或过失

  155. be in the habit of 习惯于

  156. get fall into the habit of 养成了…的习惯

  157. head for move towards 向…方向前进

  158. by heart by memory 熟记 背诵

  159. be go on holiday 在去度假 go on holiday go for a holiday

  160. be identical with exactly alike和完全相同

  161. be identified with 被视为与…等同

  162. in ignorance of 不知道…

  163. be ignorant of lacking knowledge 对…不了解不知道

  164. impose…on 把…强加给

  165. make leave an impression on sb. give sb. an impression 给…留下印象

  166. be indifferent to not interested in对…漠不关心冷淡 不在乎

  167. be inferior to less good in quality or value 比…差 superior to 比…好

  168. inform sb. of sth. 通知 告诉

  169. be innocent of 无罪的无辜的

  170. insist on order sth. to happen 坚持要

  171. instead of in place of 代替,而不是…

  172. in the interests of 符合…的利益 be interested in 对…感兴趣

  173. be involved in become connected or concerned 卷入 参加

  174. be jealous of 妒忌

  175. at least 至少 at most 至多

  176. at length after a long time at last终于 at length in detail thoroughly 详细地

  177. in the light of considering taking into account 考虑到 根据

  178. long for want very much渴望希望得到

  179. before long soon不久 过了不久以后

  180. in the long run in the end从长远来说最后 in the short term 从短期来说

  181. be at a loss 不知所措

  182. major in 主修(某课程)

  183. as a matter of fact 实际上事实是

  184. y all means at all costs不惜一切.by no means 完全不决不

  185. be in a mess 乱七八糟 处境困难

  186. ear or keep…in mind remember牢记

  187. the moment now 此刻现在 for the moment for the time being暂时

  188. make the most of 充分利用

  189. name after 用…的名字命名

  190. to mention(let alone)更不用说…

  191. object to be opposed to 反对

  192. all at once suddenly now 立即马上 once in a while occasionally 偶尔

  193. be opposed to… 反对…

  194. in order 井井有条处于良好状态 out of order in bad condition出毛病发生故 障

  195. originate in/from begin起源于由..引起

  196. owe…to 把…归于…

  197. keep pace with 跟…齐步前进

  198. participate in take part in参加

  199. be patient with 对…耐心

  200. persist in 坚持固执

  201. bring put…into practice 使…成为现实

  202. prefer…to… 宁要 更喜欢

  203. in the presence of 在…在场的情况下

  204. preside over / at 主持会议业务等

  205. prevail over 占优势 压倒 战胜

  206. prevent…from 使…不防止…做

  207. previous to prior to 在…之前

  208. take pride in be proud of 以…自豪

  209. in private privately 私下 秘密地 in public 公开地

  210. prohibit…from forbid 禁止阻止

  211. on purpose by intention deliberately故意

  212. be qualified in 在某种科目或学科上合格 be qualified for 在某种职业上合格

  213. out of the question impossible不可能的

  214. n question under discussion所谈及的

  215. without question 毫无疑问

  216. at random without aim or purpose 随便地 任意地 胡乱地

  217. beyond the reach of 无法达到得到理解

  218. give one’s regards to sb. 向…问候

  219. regardless of without worrying about despite in spite of 不顾不考虑

  220. relevant to 与…有关的

  221. rely on 依靠 信赖

  222. remark on upon 对…发表评论

  223. remedy for 对…治疗法补救 药物

  224. remind sb. of 提醒某人…使某人向想起

  225. resort to 诉诸于.. 求助于…resort to force 诉诸于武力

  226. result in cause 导致

  227. get rid of 摆脱 去掉 除去

  228. give rise to lead to 引起导致

  229. at the risk of 冒…的风险

  230. for the sake of 为了…起见

  231. be satisfied with 满意

  232. in season 旺季

  233. in secret 秘密地 in private 私下

  234. superior to 比…更好 inferior to 比…差

  235. in a sense 在某种意义上

  236. be shocked at / by 对…感到震惊

  237. be short of lacking enough缺乏不够

  238. take the side of 站在…一边

  239. catch the sight of see for a moment瞥见

  240. at the sight of 一看见…

  241. specialize in 专门研究 专攻

  242. in spite of despite 尽管

  243. stick to refuse to leave or change坚持stick to one’s promise 决不食言 stick to one’s friend 忠于朋友

  244. be strict with 对…严格要求

  245. on strike 罢工

  246. owe…to 归因于

  247. submit…to 提交

  248. substitute…for 以…代替…

  249. suffer from 患…病受…苦痛

  250. supply sb. with sth 向某人提供某物

  251. suspect sb. of 疑心某犯有…

  252. be suspicious of not trusting对…有疑心

  253. by sympathetic to/towards 对…同情赞同

    sympathize with sb. or sth. 对…表示 同情 be in sympathy with 赞同同情

  254. to one’s taste 合…的口味中意

  255. tell…from recognize 辨别.认出

  256. in terms of 按照 根据 在…方面

  257. thank sb. for sth. 因…感谢某人

  258. on second thoughts 经再三考虑之后

  259. .behind the times 思想看法落后于时代

  260. for the time being temporarily暂时

  261. by turns 轮换地

  262. in vain uselessly 徒劳

  263. be valid for 对…有效的

  264. against one’s will 违心地违背意愿地 at will 随心所欲

  265. in a word 总之in other words 换言之 have a word with sb.谈一谈 have words with sb.争吵have the last word 有决定权 keep one’s word 遵守诺言

  266. work out ideas 出主意 work out a problem 解决问题 work out a puzzle 解谜.yield to 对…屈服投降让步顺从