Chapter 6 Chatbot


6.2 Key elements

  • Agents
    A Dialogflow agent is a virtual agent that handles conversations with your end-users. A Dialogflow agent is similar to a human call center agent. You train them both to handle expected conversation scenarios, and your training does not need to be overly explicit.

  • Intents
    An intent categorizes an end-user’s intention for one conversation turn.

    • Tranining Phrases
    • Action
    • Parameters: 定義電腦產生之reponse所需之information產生來源與方式
    • Reponses

1 Agents + Many Intents of certain categories of problems = A specialist agent to answer certain types of questions.

  • entities

6.3 Flow of work


  • Agent: Agent 找出最適合的可能 intents

  • Intents: 產生reponse回傳End-user

6.4 Construct Agents


6.5 Chatbot flow chart