1 Sign up

1.1 To get a Bloomberg log in

You need to go to the machines in Elm House room 203 (the Bloomberg Suit). You will need your phone. Search for the software (“Bloomberg”), it should come up with a green logo. When the software opens, click on the blue link or to begin.

Click Create a New Login. Answer the questions and fill out the relevant information on each page, then click 1) Next >> to proceed

Provide your current phone number and email address

Select how you would like to receive the verification code. It is best to use SMS because that is faster.

Allow up to 5 minutes for the verification code to be sent to your mobile phone. If you do not receive it after 5 minutes, click on the **

to Return** button at the top of the screen and try again.

Create a password for your account

  • Once you have logged in type in one of the Bloomberg windows and press to reach the Getting Started with Bloomberg page.

  • Then go to BPS to access resources on how to use the Bloomberg terminal.

  • Hitting the <HELP key once on your keyboard while on any Bloomberg screen will provide you with steps on how to use the functionality.

You will only be able to use the Bloomberg terminal in Elm House 203.

1.2 Sign up to Bloomberg for Education

You can use Bloomberg for Education from anywhere with an internet connection. Bloomberg for Education provides a range of educational resources, including instruction videos about the terminal, about financial markets and about economic and financial subjects. There are videos that provide bite-sized themes by Bloomberg and industry experts. You need to go to

  • Bloomberg for education portal

  • click “sign up”. Sign as a learner. Sign up and verify the email address (this must be university email otherwise you will be charged).

  • In some cases you will be given a class code that you will use once you have signed up. This class code will show you the Bloomberg classes and videos that are required for the module you are taking.

  • Bloomberg for Education have two certificates that can be achieved by watching videos and answering multiple choice questions. The first certificate is Bloomberg Market Concepts. It covers Economics, Equities, Fixed-income and Foreign Exchange. The second certificate is ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance factors.