3 Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Bloomberg provide a video introduction to the terminal that is also a certification. You can access the BMC from the Bloomberg for Education website. Use the university email and the passwords that you set up when you signed up for Bloomberg for Education. This is different from the university password.

  • Terminal basics provides an introduction to using the terminal, analysing the equity and bond markets as well as building an equity portfolio. This is a useful place to start.

There are four modules that are required for certification:

  1. Economic indicators
  2. Currencies
  3. Fixed income
  4. Equities

There are also three additional modules that can be taken:

  1. Commodities
  2. Equity options
  3. Portfolio management

There are a series of videos and questions that guide you through the use of the terminal. You do not need to be at the terminal to take these modules.

An overview of the certificated modules is provided here