Chapter 1 Preface

Welcome to Mengfei's NeuroBook.

I am a PhD student, working in the domain of Vascular Neurology.

The ongoing project I am currently working on is the the progression of small vessel disease (SVD): 14-year Follow-up embedded into the RUN DMC study, supervised by Professor FrankErik de Leeuw.

Specifically, we apply some neuroimaging analyses to extract the structural/diffusion information from MRI scans in an effort to leverage these information to gain a better understanding of SVD.

MRI has emerged as an increasingly popular and powerful way to study in vivo brain structure and function, in both healthy and pathological individuals.

As mentioned by Mark Jenkison, the Father of FSL, at Oxford University:

“Although MR operators, radiologists, annd technicians are often available to help with data collection, running the scanner, and choosing good squences and settings, when it comes to analysis, researchers are often on their own.”

Based on my original enthusiasm on Neuroimaging and encouragement/guidance from co-promoter Marco Duering, Mark’s words somehow further inspired me to expand my knowledge and hone my skills with respect to neuroimaging analysis.

Since I always hold the belief that “word is world”—— the limit of our language is the limit of our world, which means that keeping a good journal of "words’ could greatly help organize your thoughts, ideas.

Hereby, it would be a great chance to tease out what I have learnt, commonly used from my research practice. The summarized neuroimaging suggestions, scripts, usage of coding might not only help me to accelerate workflow, but also assist peer colleagues to obtain a general overview of neuroimaging approaches.

I will keep updating this Mengfei's NeuroBook as long as I stay in the neurology research world.

For those who are interested in neuroimaging techniques and have some suggestions, questions on this NeuroBook, you are more than welcome to reach via email: