Chapter 5 Data Theory

5.1 Introduction

“The plural of anecdote is data.” – Raymond Wolfinger, 1969-70

What is data science without data?

5.2 Understand your data

Randy Au, 2019-02-15, Know your data. Really, really, know it

5.3 Bias

Harini Suresh and John V. Guttag, A Framework for Understanding Unintended Consequences of Machine Learning, arXiv:1901.10002v1 [cs.LG] 28 Jan 2019

Tim Harford (2019-03-08) Black holes in data affect health and wealth, blogpost at

Cathy O’Neil (2016) Weapons of Math Destruction (O’Neil 2016)

Caroline Criado Perez (2019) Invisible Women (Perez 2019)


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