Chapter 3 Tank Members

First things first, you need to know everything that is alive in the tank. I suppose theres all sorts of bacteria and algae (maybe a few snails) that are also alive in the tank but they aren’t worth talking about in this section.

3.1 Neptune

He’s a halfmoon betta. He’s aggressive and likes to hunt. He’s also super petty. He is top priority in the tank. Regular checks on his fins and scales are needed to make sure he is doing alright

3.2 Bronze Corydoras 1-4

A wild gang that loves to eat. I dont know if they love feeding time or cleaning time more. You need to do a head count on them every so often, to make sure one hasn’t got his head stuck in the gravel or something stupid like that.

3.3 Plants

The tank plants are a pretty quiet bunch, but do require maintenance. They all get their nutrients in different ways.

3.3.1 2 Anubias Nanas

These two are located at the front of the tank. They do not need to be burried in the substrate to get nutrients, in fact their roots do best exposed to the water. Do not bury them.

3.3.2 3 Java Fern Sections+ Babies

Java ferns take their nutrients through their leaves as well as their rhizomes. Their leaves are connected at the bottom by a rhizome that holds the plant together. Under no circumstances bury that rhizome, which will defintely kill the java fern. Otherwise, I have read that they are virtually indestructible. I tossed the baby java ferns into the tank, they can be free to float about until they’re big enough to use a weight on.

3.3.3 2 Amazon Swords

These two are in the centre back. Big and leafy. They take their nutrients through their roots which need to be planted in the substrate. Make sure it isn’t planted too deep where the ‘crown’ is covered. The area where the stems come up needs to be open to the water.

3.3.4 Middle Plant

Yeah, I don’t know what it’s called. Just make sure the stems are poked into the gravel and upright. They seem pretty chill and the roots keep them decently planted.

3.3.5 Water Wysteria

This is the floating plant. Neptune sleeps in it a lot. The roots dangle down and absorb nutrients that way. If it is above the water, the leaves will change into regular plant leaves, then if you push them under, they will rot and sink. The trick is to make sure the entire plant is under water at all times so it doesn’t think it’s a land plant. This one grows pretty quickly.

3.3.6 2 Moss Balls

These guys are so chill. Sometimes gunk builds up on them and you gotta give them a little squeeze in a bowl of dirty tank water to clean them off. Do not do anything weird like bury them or pick at them. If they float they just need a squeeze to go back down to the bottom.