Chapter 1 I/O Psychology Doctoral Program Roles and Policies

This handbook details the key procedures and policies for the I/O doctoral program experience with some overflow into the MA program (see Chapters 3 and 5). The original goal was to have a final draft of this handbook completed by December 1st 2020, which was the soft deadline for our second official doctoral application cycle.

This manual specifically details formal procedures for the following areas:

  1. Doctoral Student Selection; Chapter 2,
  2. I/O Program (both MA and PhD) Probation Standards; Chapter 3,
  3. Prospective Comprehensive Exams; Chapter 4,
  4. Student Mentorship and Program Culture; Chapter 5, and
  5. Dissertation Process; Chapter 6

As benchmarks, here are some program manuals from other programs:

It would be great help if each of us could volunteer to develop one or more of these policies and then educate the other faculty on the process. We can submit each for review, feedback, and then finalize for our second official incoming class. We could each carve out the procedure over the summer, review as a group at our first I/O meeting in the Fall, then update and finalize by December 1st.