Chapter 5 Student I/O Group, Mentorship, and Program Culture

Maybe shift to “how to navigate the program” - initial PhD advisor (upon matriculation) versus selecting one in pursuit of the PhD

Policies and procedures for an official I/O student group (perhaps Eagle I/O is sufficient) with officers and roles charged with social events, mentoring, speakers, assembling student resources, putting together SIOP reception, etc… Basically a charter and set of annual tasks for a select set of I/O Doctoral and MA student officers to complete to improve the strength of the bonds between the students and extracurricular opportunities to strengthen their vocational self-concepts. Further, we need to make sure one faculty member (John for now) is always overseeing the mentorship and eagle I/O group to ensure its continuity. Here are several examples of such groups and their offerings at other I/O programs

Characteristics we value (self-initiative, internal locus-of-control), engagement with alumni and bringing external speakers on campus, encouragement of METRO & SIOP, but we’re not going to delineate a process to build and maintain culture

We already have an official mentorship guide and procedure. However, the program is still growing organically through John’s work and may expand to include other student responsibilities. Given this, perhaps a high-level, one page overview of current procedures, expectations, and roles on the mentorship program for the handbook? Something like a general overview to guide PhD and MA students on scheduling, involvement, and primary tasks.