Chapter 2 Expectations

2.1 Weekly meetings

  • Time requirements of Eagle IO members (how many meetings can you miss, responsibilities to stay an active member of the group, etc)
    • Meetings you can miss a semester= 3?

2.2 Mentorship program management

  1. How to match mentors and mentees (depending on the success of this semester) consider the method used to match or if other things should be considered.
  2. Duration or partnership between mentee and mentor (semester or annual) I was thinking semester as an obligation and then let people choose to switch it up? This also gives the opportunity for the incoming spring students to get mentors as well?
  3. Involvement of professors in mentor program (we need to discuss this with them, according to Dr. Dan this would be limited since everyone has a lot on their plates, especially since this cohort is bigger)
  • Meetings between mentors and mentees at least 3

  • Office hours? (calendar or sign-in or some other method of staying accountable)

2.3 New product development and management

  • Bring one new idea for the next semester? Plan an event?

2.3.1 Engagement survey

Eventually the engagement survey needs database creation and platform development (delivery and data-capturing [currently done by Qualtrics]). Ongoing issues will be:

  • research (psychometric evaluation, validation)
  • norms management
  • feedback report format
  • client management
  • technical support