Chapter 3 Development Plan

Every Eagle I.O consultant commits to 3 tangible goals each year of participation. These goals are specific the development of KSAs within three different domains:

  1. Professional
    • e.g., presenting, networking, poise (transferable soft skills regardless of career path)
  2. Technical (I-O)
    • e.g., mentoring, leadership, motivation, job analysis (field-specific knowledge)
  3. R
    • e.g., write a report using rMarkdown, create a new feedback report template (creating something practical using R)

Goals are determined in consultation with a mentee (this gives the mentee a responsibility role within the larger mentorship program) and ok’ed by Kulas before the end of September every year.

Goals are revisited twice (during 2 Eagle I.O consultancy meetings) and shared at the end-of-the-year Eagle I.O meeting in May. Every student consultant who achieves all 3 goals recieves…