Chapter 2 Microclimate datasets

This user’s guide facilitates accessing the microclimate datasets in the table below. We detail the spatial and temporal coverage. Our complementary R shiny application allows more in-depth comparing all methods both temporally and spatially to help select a dataset that best meets your needs.

Spatial coverage Spatial resolution Temporal Coverage Temporal resolution
ERA-5 Land Global 0.1° x 0.1° 1981-now hourly
GLDAS Global 0.25° x 0.25° 1948 - 3-months behind current 3-Hourly
GRIDMET US only 0.04° x 0.04° 1979 - yesterday Daily
NicheMapR microclimate functions Global 30m coarsest, 3m finest 1957 - now Hourly
NOAA NCDC Global One location (lat, lon) Varies Varies
SNODAS US only 1km x 1km Sep. 2003 - now Daily
microclim Global 15km x 15km 1 day each month of 1 year Hourly for 1 day
microclimUS US only 4km x 4km 1979 - 2017 Hourly
NCEP Global 2.5° x 2.5° 1948/01/01 - current 6-Hourly
NEW01 Global 10’ x 10’ 1961 - 1990 Monthly