This is a small reference book to learn how to install, edit, and deploy the app Teachvatory.

Teachvatory is an app created by Dan Levy and a group of his former students and teaching fellows. Its goal is to provide an easy visualization of student’s performance in the courses that Dan teaches.

This book has 5 chapters that covers most of the development process for the app:

The first chapter explains how to download and install the app locally. The second chapter explains the app architecture, which follows the R package convention and uses the Golem framework and package. The third chapter describes how to edit the app using Git and GitHub. The fourth chapter explains how to publish the site online on shinyapps.io. The fifth and final chapter is a list of tips, packages, and nerd stuff to facilitate your workflow (and because we are all nerds and love these stuff.)

We are honored to be part of this team, which made our years at Harvard one of the best of our lives. For those that came after us: Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Beatriz, Marco, Tyler, Gonzalo, y Dan.