Instructions for use

The texts on this website are formatted in HTML and they will adapt to your screen size. So, you can easily read them on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Use the menu icon on the left to access the table of contents and the < icon on the right to open the annotation sidebar.

In order to annotate the texts with Hypothesis, you need to sign up at this link:

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email, log in using the sidebar (click on the < icon to open it) and then join the following group

IMPORTANT: you have to login using the sidebar to be able to see other people’s comments, since they are part of the private group “Sogang.”

To add comments select some text and click on the " icon that appears.

Remember that you have to write at least 3 comments and reply to at least on comment written to someone else.

Extra functions

You can use the A icon on the top left to change the appearance of the page and the font type and size.

You can access the search function by clicking on the magnifying lens icon on the top left.