1 Module Preliminaries

1.2 Software

We will use Minitab and R (R Core Team 2017). To create this document, I am using the bookdown package (Xie 2018) which was built on top of R Markdown and knitr (Xie 2015). Other packages used are: rgl (Adler, Murdoch, and others 2018), plyr (Wickham 2011), ggplot2 (Wickham 2016), scatterplot3d (Ligges and Mächler 2003), MASS (Venables and Ripley 2002), car (Fox and Weisberg 2011), datasets (R Core Team 2018), datasauRus (Locke and D’Agostino McGowan 2018) and Sleuth3 (F.L. Ramsey et al. 2016).

1.3 R Scripts

R scripts for the notes can be found here.


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