2 R statistical program

2.1 R

R is an open source statistical program and coding language.

Robust user community of coders & problem solvers.
Fully customizable.

Everything that exists is an object.
Everything that happens is a function call.
— John Chambers

2.2 Functions & packages

2.2.1 Function:

A block of code that performs a particular task or set of tasks. A function has a name, arguments, a body (code), and a return value.

2.2.2 Arguments:

Change-able inputs to a function.

2.2.3 Package:

A portable collection of R functions.

2.2.4 Function & package documentation:

  • Help files: ?downloadWQP
    R function help file example.

    Figure 2.1: R function help file example.

  • Package manuals
  • Markdown & bookdown