Chapter 5 Applications

5.1 Public Comments on the 2021 City of Kenai Land Management Plan

We used the thermal features map layer generated from this project as a tool to help generate comments on a local land management plan. We commente on the City of Kenai 2021 Land Management Plan, which highlighted a number of parcels in the Beaver Creek corridor, and recommended parcel-specific actions (e.g. retain, sell, re-zone).

We created a separate map showing parcels highlighted in the plan, with management status available in a point and click format. The parcels were superimposed on a several layers highlighting ecological values such as wetlands and andadramous streams, as well as the thermal features identified in this project. Methods are described in a stand-alone document at

Access the City of Kenai Land Management Plan Comments Map here:

Access PDFs of submitted Public Comments

5.2 Landowner Outreach

We composed a letter addressed to landowners whose property contains cold water features that flow in to one of our study streams. This letter describes the nature of the project and the value of cold water features to salmon habitat. Landowners are invited to contact the researchers if they would like more information about their specific property.

A draft version of the letter to landowners may be accessed here: Draft Letter to Landowners, Cold Water for Salmon Streams.