Chapter 6 Test prep

Learning outcomes

  1. Be able to select your own solution to an environmental challenge.
  2. Appreciate that there are many dimensions to every challenge.
  3. Write a clear, short description linking a replicable tool to a challenge studied in the scientific literature.


Lakes and other bodies of water are our natural canary-in-the-coalmine tools to examine many components of global change. Here, the test paper is provided in advance (Vogt, Sharma, and Leavitt 2017).

Use the ‘ten simple rules to facilitate evidence implementation…’ (Christopher J. Lortie and Owen 2020) and ‘ten simple rules for more objective decision-making’ (Fletcher, Wagner, and Bourne 2020) to structure notes and test prep.

Steps for test prep

  1. Read the challenge paper.
  2. Make a list of all the solutions that they used.
  3. Select one solution, find a paper about that solution, see test question.
  4. Re-read the ten simple rules that underpins this course and read the ten simple rules for making better decisions too.
  5. Go to next chapter in this resource for the test.