Chapter 7 Test


  1. Read this paper (Custode et al. 2021).
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Use no more than on page per answer with at least an 11point font, 1inch margins, and single-spacing.

Test questions

1. Describe the environmental management challenge case associated with this topic and publication. In the summary, please ensure that you cover the following:

  1. link the basic science to the management (i.e. explain what the authors tested & measured and then how this can relate to management),
  2. highlight the extent (i.e. explain if it is a global, regional, or local issue and why), and
  3. propose the implication of ignoring this issue.

total = 10 points.

2. Describe why this is not an environmental management challenge – i.e. play the ‘devil’s advocate’ because we know this happens all the time or more fairly every environmental issue is a balance between direct and indirect benefits from a natural system. Do not use fallacious arguments or ad hominem to do this. Use the following lines of argument:

  1. list 2 critical limitations of the study (or what viable improvements are needed),
  2. highlight the direct needs of people for the system/idea/issue and explain,
  3. explain a ‘hope for the best’ strategy that maximizes direct benefit to humans and propose an argument for the resilience/recovery/buffering of the system without a big change (i.e. business as usual model).

total = 10 points.

3. Reverse engineer a general, replicable solution to this challenge.

  1. list solutions beginning with the most evident in descending relevance order,
  2. propose and explain the replicable solution that is most relevant based on research,
  3. cite the research you did to design your replicable solution by providing the citation to two solution papers and include just a single sentence for each explaining why you selected that paper as evidence.

total = 20 points.


  1. Write in full sentences, no more than 1 page per answer.
  2. Total of 3 pages :).
  3. Include your name, surname, and student ID at the top of each page.
  4. Work in your preferred text editor, but you must submit responses as a single file in PDF format only to Class ID and key provided in the official course outline.


item concept description value
1 Q1a basic science explain what was tested and measured 4
2 Q1a basic science explain how this study relates to environmental management 2
3 Q1b extent explain extent - global regional local and WHY 2
4 Q1c ignorance is bliss propose implication of ignoring issue altogether and not managing 2
5 Q2a limitations list 2 scientific limitations of study 4
6 Q2b direct needs explain what people need from this system directly 2
7 Q2c strategy propose a hope for best minimal management strategy for challenge 4
8 Q3a solutions list at least 3 big picture reproducible solutions or tools and explain how each can be applied to this challenge 6
9 Q3b top solution explain the top solution or tool to challenge based on your research i.e. at least one other paper 10
10 Q3c citations cite at least 2 recent relevant papers - 1-2 solution or tool paper and 1 similar challenge paper in addition to the papers provided 4
11 total sum of above 40