Part II: Space as a Living Entity

In Part II, revised and subsequently published in the Esoteric Quarterly,the author continues his exploration of the psychocentric perspective, focusing this time on the concept of space.

The author challenges conventional scientific views that consider space as an inert and passive entity. Drawing from modern quantum physics, he posits that space is a living, conscious entity with its own nature and properties. This perspective radically departs from traditional physics, which tends to treat space merely as a container or backdrop for matter and energy.

The author further suggests that our understanding of space can be greatly enhanced by acknowledging its subjective aspects. He argues that space is not just an objective reality but also a subjective one, shaped by our perceptions, experiences, and consciousness. This dual nature of space, he believes, is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of reality.

Moreover, the author explores the implications of viewing space as a living entity. He suggests that such a perspective could open up new avenues for scientific inquiry and philosophical reflection, potentially leading to profound insights about the nature of existence and consciousness.

This second Part is an intriguing piece that invites us to reconsider our understanding of space. By proposing a view of space as a living, conscious entity, the author encourages us to expand our scientific and philosophical horizons.

0.4 Chapter 4: Is Space Etheric?

In our quest to understand the nature of space, we are drawn towards an intriguing proposition: Could space be etheric? This question takes us on a journey through the realms of science and esoteric philosophy, where we encounter the concept of ether, a subtle medium believed to permeate all space. Ancient philosophers and scientists alike hypothesized the existence of this ether, seeing it as the carrier of light and electromagnetic waves.

Modern science, however, has largely dismissed the notion of ether, favoring instead the theory of relativity and the concept of a quantum vacuum. But the idea of ether persists in esoteric philosophy, which posits that ether is not just a passive medium but a dynamic, living entity – an active participant in the cosmic dance of creation and dissolution. Just as Hemingway’s protagonists struggle with their own existential dilemmas, so too does the concept of ether wrestle with the dichotomy between classical and modern physics.

0.5 Chapter 5: The Planetary Etheric Body

Moving from the cosmic to the planetary, we encounter another fascinating concept: the etheric body of a planet. This is not a physical entity, but rather a subtle, energetic counterpart to the physical planet. It is the life force or prana that animates the planet, much like the vital energy that flows through a living organism.

The planetary etheric body is thought to be composed of numerous etheric centers or chakras, each corresponding to a specific geographical location. These centers are interconnected by etheric channels, creating a vast, global network of energetic pathways. This planetary etheric body,complex and multifaceted, reflects the intricate interplay of forces that shape the destiny of the planet.


0.6 Chapter 6: On Brotherhood: Scientific Foundations

Finally, we come to a profound realization: the concept of brotherhood has scientific foundations. The interconnectedness implied by the etheric nature of space and the planetary etheric body provides a solid basis for the principle of universal brotherhood.

The etheric framework illuminates the fundamental unity of all life. We are not isolated entities, but rather integral parts of a vast, cosmic organism. Our actions, like ripples in the etheric fabric, can have far-reaching effects, reinforcing the importance of living in harmony with each other and with our planet.

In conclusion, the exploration of space as a living entity invites us to reevaluate our understanding of the universe and our place within it. It challenges us to see beyond the physical, to perceive the subtle etheric dimensions of reality, and to recognize the profound interconnectedness of all life.