The construct validity of the seven psychological types posited by Alice A. Bailey serves as an intriguing subject for exploration, especially when contrasted with the well-established Myers-Briggs typology adapted by David Keirsey. The Four Keirsey Temperaments—Artisan, Rational, Idealist, and Guardian—demonstrate a striking congruence with the Four Derivative Rays of Attributes—Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, Fifth Ray of Science, Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism, and the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order—originating from the Three Primary Rays of Aspect: First Ray of Will Power, Second Ray of Love Wisdom, and Third Ray of Creative Intelligence.

This compelling concordance, observed by the author 25 years ago, initiated this theoretical research endeavor. Currently, the congruence between these two typologies can be examined through a virtual Delphi method, facilitated by artificial intelligence. This method allows for a consensus to be drawn from a pool of knowledge, which in this case, is provided by an AI model trained in both typologies. This draft is a collection of queries and curated AI answers, encouraging others to its free use, modification, and distribution, under the principles of openness, collaboration, and innovation, as long as they credit any original material and license any new creations under identical terms for non-commercial purposes only.