Overview of the Course

Data Analysis for Psychology in R 1 (dapR1) is your first step on the road to being a data, programming and applied statistics guru!

This course provides a introduction to data, R and statistics. It is designed to work slowly through conceptual content that form the basis of understanding and working with data to perform statistical testing. At the same time, we will be introducing you to basic programming in R, covering the fundamentals of working with data, visualization and simple statistical tests. The overall aim of the course is to provide you with all the necessary skills to feel confident working with R and data, before we move on to discuss a broader array of statistical methods in year 2.

On this page you will find the notes for your weekly labs including practice exercises and solutions. You can also read a gentle introduction to R and installation guide. As you progress through the course, the content will build up. Find the general overview of topics below so you know where we are heading:

The team

Lecturer and Course Organiser - Dr Tom Booth

Senior Teching Coordinator (Labs): Dr Anastasia Ushakova

PhD student in Psychology (Labs): Ms Emma Waterston

R Cheatsheets

You can find a collection of cheatshets that summarise some of the most useful commands you will be using for tasks such as data transformation, visualisation, RMarkdown and many others here/

The key ones you will need to get for this year are:

R Community

R has great representation in Edinburgh. Check out these pages to find out more:

And worldwide you have: