Chapter 15 Miscellaneous Resources

15.1 Author Notes

I could consider making a package for word templates for journals. This would be similar to the “rticles” package which only works with PDFs.

Packages I could consider using to make this package are

There have been some attempts to do this

15.1.1 Notes

I use Astral to organize my stars on GitHub

RMRWR is a great book to show step by step some of the coding exercises.

15.2 Misc Cool Packages to check out

taskscheduleR allows you to automate R processes (Windows only).

List of reproducible packages in R here

beepr and BRRR You can also use built-in text if you are on a MAC (it won’t work on PC/Windows computers).

system("say And if you don\\'t know, now you know!") 

See a recent blog post here and here on making sounds in RStudio

```r, echo=TRUE, eval=FALSE say_something <- function(message) {

 message <- paste0("$speak.Speak('", message, "');\"")

 system2(command = "PowerShell", 
         args = c("-Command", 
                   "\"Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Speech;",
                   "$speak = New-Object System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer;",


x <- “Job X” say_something(message = paste(x, “is done”) ```

15.3 Lesson Plan

It might be a decent idea to add “difficulty levels” for each of these. So lessons would be structured as

  1. Required Learning
  2. Test your skills
    1. Noob
    2. Not Bad
    3. Hardcore

Nirosha sent a nice example if ever I grow this into a course here it includes marking

15.3.1 Lesson 1

  • Show animation I made with Jeff

  • Show a video of someone trying to make those changes in Excel vs in RStudio. The timesaving you have.

  • It might be best to create a YouTube video where I go through each of these steps. Add a slider for time like GamersNexus

  • Installation

    • R
    • RStudio
      • Andrew must create a script to install a bunch of packages here. Take inspiration from GitHub
      • Installing tiny_tex on Mac (see Joel’s screenshots)
    • Zotero
      • Adding BibTex plug-in
      • Setting up BibTex in Zotero
      • Export a .bib file from Zotero
    • GitHub
      • Create a GitHub account and key
  • Project Directories

    • Download my project directory example
    • Explain what the .RProj file is and what it does
      • It sets your directories. Unlike MATLAB.

15.3.2 Lesson 2

Explain RMarkdown Chunks and get them to knit the document

  • YAML options
  • Figure captions
  • Table captions
  • Adding a reference
  • In text summary statistics
  • Inserting a model using apastats
  • Maybe have students create their own docx template for extra credit but this might be too much to ask for

15.3.3 Lesson 3: Data visualisation with ggplot2

  • Load data
  • wide vs long format (ggplot2 likes long format)
  • ggplot elements (break this down step by step. Check saved youtube video for inspiration)
  • saving our plot using ggsave to our images directory
  • Making a loop for figures (this might take some time)

15.3.4 Lesson 4: Data Wrangling

  • Load data
  • Manipulate data with dplyr
  • Wide vs long format