Chapter 1 The role of biostatistics in clinical research

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1.1 Preliminaries

1.1.1 Contingency Table

\(D\) \(\neg D\)
\(S\) True Positive (TP) (a) False Positive (FP) (b)
\(\neg S\) False Negative (FN) (c) True Negative (TN) (d)

1.1.2 Sensitivity / Specificity

Sensitivity: \(P(S|D)=\dfrac{a}{a+c}\) (Rate of True Positives)

Specificity: \(P(\neg S|\neg D)=\dfrac{d}{b+d}\) (Rate of True Negatives)

1 - Sensitivity: \(P(\neg S|D)=\dfrac{c}{a+c}\) (Rate of False Negatives)

1 - Specificity: \(P(S|\neg D)=\dfrac{b}{b+d}\) (Rate of False Positives)

1.1.3 Positive Likelihood Ratio


\(+LR=\dfrac{P(S|D)}{P(S|\neg D)}\)

\(+LR= \dfrac{P(TP)}{P(FP)}\)

\(+LR= \dfrac{a(b+d)}{b(a+c)}\)

1.1.4 Negative Likelihood Ratio


\(-LR=\dfrac{P(\neg S|D)}{P(\neg S|\neg D)}\)

\(-LR= \dfrac{P(FN)}{P(TN)}\)

\(-LR= \dfrac{c(b+d)}{d(a+c)}\)

1.2 Bayes Formula

\(P(D|S)=\dfrac{P(S|D)\cdot P(D)}{P(S)}\)

The \(P(D)\) and \(P(S)\) are the “priors” - or “baseline” probabilities of the disease and the sign

1.2.1 Alternative format

\(P(\neg D|\neg S)=\dfrac{P(\neg S|\neg D)\cdot P(\neg D)}{P(\neg S)}\)

The \(P(\neg D)\) and \(P(\neg S)\) are the “priors” - or “baseline” probabilities of not having the disease or the sign