Chapter 1 Overview

For Computer Labs 1B to 4B, our focus is on using R to create data visualisations that are effective and informative.

1.1 Learning Objectives

By the end of this four week period, you will have learnt how to:

  • Navigate your way around RStudio (Computer Lab 1B)
  • Create interactive plots in R (Computer Lab 2B)
  • Spice up your plots with custom controls and animations (Computer Lab 3B)
  • Develop simple interactive web applications (Computer Lab 4B)

Don’t worry if this sounds unachievable right now. No prior knowledge of R or coding is required or expected. We will take our time and go step-by-step. We are not expecting you to become an R data visualisation expert within this short time-frame, and we will really just be skimming the surface of R data visualisation possibilities. We do hope though that you will find these weeks enjoyable and informative.