6 Limitations

  • Staff may not be employed in the city they are
  • Seasonal factors for EDD data

6.1 What alternatives are there?

  • Low quality employment data: the EDD/Federal datasets are low quality and done via a private vendor “using the local phone books and calling the employer directly to obtain the information.” I’ve attached: overall employers in CA, but these seems off (Loma Linda twice – administrative and hospital?, no universities listed – attached). Most other sources are behind paywalls: for example, the American Business Journal (i.e., Sacramento Business Journal, etc.) conducts their own study every year, which seems to be held as a decent option (friend has given me access to Sacramento, screenshot example below). Even here, in most cases, AICCU institutions will not show up as one of the top employers. We can purchase BizJournal “The List” issues throughout the state for key counties, but I don’t think we’d have a great result here