I wrote this booklet a couple of years ago, while I was working at CEPLAS.

Plants collect energy from sunlight and use it to produce fruits that we eat, fibers that we wear and much, much more; in a process called photosynthesis.

This process is fundamental for our life on Earth, and it has been intensively studied for centuries by scientists. Scientists like me, like us.

Here I’ll give you a glimpse of our scientific research. After a very short introduction to photosynthesis, I’ll explain to you one of its details and one of the methods that we are using to investigate it.

The method is called transcriptomic analysis and we are using it to investigate a special adaptation of photosynthesis for warm and dry weather.

Detail of "John Singer Sargent -- Camouflaged Fields in France"; digitalized by [MET Museum](

Figure .: Detail of “John Singer Sargent – Camouflaged Fields in France”; digitalized by MET Museum


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