Chapter 10 Sensitivity analysis using fixed effects

The primary analyses presented in this manuscript pooled across individual studies using random effects. Inferences about estimates from fixed effects models are restricted to only the included studies.1 The random effects approach was more conservative in the presence of study heterogeneity, as evidenced by larger confidence intervals around each point estimates. Overall, the inference from results produced by each method was similar.

10.1 Age-specific prevalence

10.1.1 Random effects

10.1.2 Fixed effects


10.2 Age-specific incidence

10.2.1 Random effects

10.2.2 Fixed effects


10.3 Changes in stunting status by age

10.3.1 Random effects

10.3.2 Fixed effects


10.4 Linear growth velocity

10.4.1 Random effects

10.4.2 Fixed effects


  1. Hedges, L. V. & Vevea, J. L. Fixed- and random-effects models in meta-analysis. Psychol. Methods 3, 486–504 (1998).