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This is a book for anyone who are interested in manipulating and processing medical data. This book introduces different aspects of data management and how to implement these in R using RStudio. While there are a plethora of great R books covering a variety of data management topics, I hope this book would serve as a self-learning guide to avoid roadblocks and frustrations before becoming fully comfortable with using R. Many beginners find themselves wanting to develop data management skills in R, but lose their patience after they encounter a steep learning curve of R and several months of frustration. If you feel nostalgic about this, this book is for you.

It is intended for non-technical audience and Stata users to:

  • Serve as a guidebook to R code for data management
  • Serve as a R code reference manual for mStats package
  • Provide task-centered examples addressing common data management problems
  • Assist people in transitioning to R

Under construction

This book is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me at dr.myominnoo@gmail.com. Thank you!

if you have a dataset that you think would be suitable for inclusion in this text (as an example or for an exercise), I would love to hear about it.


Tutorials and books that provided ideas and knowledge of this book are credited within their respective pages. More generally, the following sources provided inspiration for this book:

The design of this book is based on the codes obtained from Peter Higgins. Kudos to Peter!

How to use this handbook

  • Browse the pages in the Table of Contents, or use the search box
  • Click the “copy” icons to copy code
  • You can follow along with the example datasets we will download in the next chapter 1.8.

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##   rlang_0.4.12    rmarkdown_2.11  sass_0.4.0      stats_4.1.0    
##   stringi_1.7.6   stringr_1.4.0   tinytex_0.35    tools_4.1.0    
##   utils_4.1.0     xfun_0.28       yaml_2.2.1
## [1] '1.3.1'
## [1] '1.0.7'
## [1] '2.0.1'
## [1] '4.0.0'

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