Chapter 8 1.1 Welcome to the Course!

  • Hi everyone, welcome to the course. This is the introduction to R course at Ewha Womans University.

  • R is a great programming language for statistical analysis and data science. I hope you enjoy R in this course and find many useful applications for your own field.

  • This course is designed for students who don’t have any programming background in social science.

  • In this lecture note, this font represents R commands, variable names, and package names.

  • In order to maximize your learning in this semester, you should read the weekly reading assignment in our textbook, R for data science.

  • If you have any question on this lecture (e.g., errors in running R, questions about quiz), please send your questions to . Then, Iand TA(Teaching Assistant) will answer your questions.

  • In this lecture notes, I will include interactive code chunks provided by DataCamp that will allow you to actually run and practice R codes within this lecture notes. Please type 3+4 and click Run button to ask R to calculate the expression.