2 Why Join?

2.1 Benefits for Mentees

Working with a mentor can be an advantage for an incoming student. Mentees gain valuable experience by forging one-on-one relationships with current I-O graduate students. These experiences include:

  • Help with setting realistic goals
  • Strengthening knowledge of the industry, organizational culture, and job functions
  • Expanding your existing network and support system
  • Receiving feedback from an experienced student
  • Enhancing overall professional effectiveness
  • Gaining knowledge and experience to be a future mentor

2.2 Benefits for Mentors

Contributing time and expertise as a mentor is a valuable way to give back and foster the next generation of MSU I-O Psych graduate students. Mentoring can be both personally and professionally rewarding as mentors learn the value in helping their peers succeed.

  • Build leadership skills
  • Build communication skills
  • Expand professional network and increase visibility
  • Contribute to the advancement of the profession