This paper examines the role of Galatians chapter five, verses twenty-two through twenty-six in the life of a Christian. The first two verses in consideration speak of the fruit of the Spirit, and further exphasize that, when walking in the Spirit, a Christian is not under the law; the next two verses harmonize the role of Christ’s work on the cross, and the role of the Holy Spirit in leading a Christians. The last verse in consideration is an exortation to act according to the flesh.


No serious study of the Bible is complete if context, setting, and theological background aren’t provided. For this reason, examining the passage in consideration will be done in light of the following perspectives:

  • The audience to whom the letter was written.
  • Paul’s theological, literary, cultural, and philosophical background.
  • Other issues undergone by the members of Paul’s audience.

Next, the main argument of the passage will be presented in light of preceeding verses, to add aditional context.

Afterwards, each verse will be examined in isolation, and the paper will conclude with the summary and application of the verses in consideration as a whole.

Author’s Perspective

I’m by no means a Bible scholar, and I don’t play one well on TV, radio, and elsewhere. I’m simply a student who, by God’s providence was lead to a theologically conservative form of Christianity, known as Reformed Christianity. To be specific, I am a Reformed Baptist. (what I believe). Furthermore, I have been interested in the topic of sanctification, which I am compelled to study further. The topic on the fruit of the Spirit is one that I was delighted to write about, as this would only awakened my interest in what God has to say on being sanctified in this life. This is also a topic in which I can engage my mind, as I do like to take into account intellectual and theological integrity. I am happy to embrace physical blindness, but what I will never accept is to be spiritually or intellectually blind when it comes to matters of what God has to say about how I ought to conduct myself to be a better representative of His. I hope that the following paragraphs reflect this, and please join me as I do my best to explore such an essential and important topic.