Awesome R and Python Books




July 15, 2022

There have been so many bookmarks for R and Python resources (both free or commercial), such as Big Book of R, 知乎 - 有哪些关于 R 语言的书值得推荐?, Big Book of Python (on-going)

However I have a list of my own preferences, and I try to focus on those that are online.


(calculus, linear algebra, optimization, probability, statistics, )

Statistical Computing, Simulation, and Bayesian Computing

Statistical Modeling (and Estimation…)

(regression, classification, )

  • linear model
  • logistic model
  • (log-linear model)
  • linear mixed-effect model
  • non-linear model

Statistical Learning Methods,

Psychometrics topics

  • Factor analysis
  • SEM (including latent growth model)
  • Item response theory
  • Cognitive diagnostic models
  • (latent class analysis)
  • CAT()