6 Future Work

Although the data visualization design is effective at delivering the data effectively, there are changes that would enhance the current system, especially if time constraints aren’t a factor. First, the map could be designed using shape files that create borders for the countries across the map. In addition, using the leaflet package would offer the ability to create interactive web maps. The rendering of the map would need to be a priority. Although there is a spinner to show processing time, increasing the rendering speed of the map would please users. Second, a visualization in which the user can pick a country and it shows who they played and the outcome, would be complementary to the total wins per year bar graph. It would explain why two countries can have the same amount of wins but why one country was the champion of the tournament and the other was not. Third, when selecting countries to visualize their total goals scored across tournament years, the current plot generates zeros for goals per year. Without the data table to offer more insight, the plot could be misleading. The user might think that the country participated in that year’s tournament but scored no goals. However, in reality, the zero is a placeholder so the graph will create the correct plot when at least one other team is selected. Therefore, re-coding, to allow for non-consecutive points to be plotted without altering what the line plot should look like, would be a significant improvement in the plot and create less of a dependency on the data table that generates when the user brushes the plot