Chapter 4 Lab Resources

4.1 Sharepoint

The lab sharepoint is one of the primary ways that we facilitate information. This website will also host the lab wiki. The sharepoint will host all of our written documents, and a plethora of other resources. Consider it the main go to for lab related purposes. There will be a folder for the project that you are working on, a folder that hosts mentoring resources, a folder that hosts research resources, and other folders related to the lab. Additionally, the sharepoint will also have information on how to get in the lab. I will also post our meeting agendas here.

4.1.1 Planner

Planner will serve as the main way in which we coordinate activities that we are doing in any given moment. This is for two purposes: 1. It helps document what you are doing and have done. This is nice in case you need to report what you are doing to someone else or creating a CV. 2. It helps me and others know what other folks are doing. This will help cut down on email that we need to do to coordinate. Instead, we will pull this up at our meetings, and review processes from there.

Please keep planner updated. Feel free to add tasks to the ‘to do’ list if you think they are warranted.

4.2 Zotero

Zotero is a reference management system. It serves as a way for us to store journal articles and other things of note across the lab even when using different computers. You can also highlight or make notes on articles that you wish to as you read them. Additionally, it serves as a handy tool when you are writing up results - it can actually input your citations/bibliographies automatically! No more worries about having to wonder if you did APA formatting correctly. This is especially helpful as you move further on in your graduate career (especially if you have to write research publications, a thesis, or a dissertation). Get used to this now! It also has nice plugins for your internet browser (so you can save an article) and for word processing systems (so you can cite things when you are typing them).

4.3 Canvas

We also have a canvas page that hosts primarily didactic information (i.e., some videos that I have made for students).

4.4 Qualtrics

This is how we will host surveys. Login information and design is available as needed.

4.5 The Lab Space

Our lab is found in MOLN315E. The sharepoint has information on how to access this space. I encourage you to use the space if you wish to study. However, if someone is doing lab-related work in the space, and needs solitude (i.e., they are doing an interview), please refrain from using the lab.

4.6 Funding

Funding for this lab comes from:

  • Jordan’s startup funds
  • UWP College of Natural and Health Sciences

4.6.1 The Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URAP)

The Undergraduate Research Assistanship Program (URAP) program provides modest stipends for conducting research with a professor. Amounts include $500 for either the fall or spring semester, and a $2000 stipend for the summer. Usually, it is best for students to already be involved in the lab to apply for this funding, as it involves a substantial process. If you are interested in applying for URAP, please reach out to Jordan at least 2 months before the due date.

App Due Date Semester of Work Stipend
April Fall $500
January Spring $500
March Summer $2,000

If you join the lab with URAP funding, you will be required to submit a report of what you did during your time in the lab. I recommend you keep a journal of tasks and activities that you did during the lab to make this process easier.