People feel anxious about unknown things. In exams, that anxiety may diminish ones abaility of solving problems. When I was in my first year, I cannot stop thinking about what would the First Year Exam looks like, and that curiosity reached its peak at the night just before the exam. It was a long night. After the exam took place, when I traced back the whole preparing process for FYE, it reminded me a famous book for Chinese college entrance exam, Five Years’ Real Exams, Three Years’ Practice Problems (五年高考,三年模拟). Despite its debatable way, a book of that kind at least shows what the exam is look like, and offers plenty of opportunities to practice. In the summer, I start this project, building up a FYE version of the book. I would like to be Lei Feng (雷锋) in our department. With this typed book that includes every possible problems I can find that had appeared in first year’s class, I hope those who will take the exam in the future can feel released. Plese note it is build to help, but it is not a guarantee. Maybe the best way to practice is to make your own practice book.

Special thanks to the senior students who collect these problemssince 2009, without them this project cannot come true. There may be typos and the tentative solutions may not be perfect, please leave your comment.

May the force be with you.