This documents contains a series of figures and analyses of Great Salt Lake (GSL) salinity, focused on the effects of causeway culvert closure and subsequent bridge and breach opening. These were developed to provide background information, context, and discussion points for the first GSL Salinity Advisory Committee Meeting. All data presented in this document are publicly available via USGS, UGS, or DWQ websites.


  1. Figures can be zoomed and panned with the mouse, and traces can be turned on and off via the legend (disabled in PDF version, live version available at
  2. Salinities in figure 5.4 are bathymetrically weighted average values calculated based on a UGS density:salinity formula. These values may not be directly comparable to salinity measures presented in other figures.
  3. All data presented in chapter 5 are generated from UPRR monitoring and available via monitoring reports at Other data presented in this document are generated by USGS or UGS as noted in section text and figure captions.
  4. Salinity measures in figures 5.4, 7.1, and 8.1 are USGS pcode 70305 (Naftz equation of state derived).