1 Overview

My name is Henrik. I am a PhD-candidate in the Developmental Psychobiology lab group at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen. I find that the R programming language is an extremely useful tool for Scientists, especially (but not only) for data analysis and visualization. I can help you learning the basics of the R programming language and how to approach learning a programming language so you can advance in learning whatever is needed in your specific field.

Target audience:
Anyone at Donders Institute who would like to get started with the R programming language.

Learning goals:
Students will become familiar with the basics of the R programming language and the tidyverse style of R programming. The goal is that students will feel empowered to acquire any R skill that they need for their specific work.

How to make optimal use of this course:
Researchers are often highly variable in their understanding and knowledge of a particular programming language independent of their degree. To avoid wasting your time, check if the topic of a particular R meeting is useful for you. This course is meant for beginners who need guidance and who prefer learning a programming language in a group rather than by themselves. For as long as you can solve the homework assignments by yourself you will be fine for the final assignment.

1.1 Preparing for the course

1.1.1 Software setup

Follow the below steps before the course:

  1. Install/Update R: Download and install the newest R version.
  2. Install/Update Rstudio: Click here and choose “Rstudio Desktop” (Open Source License) to download the newest version of Rstudio.

1.2 Contact

Contact me via email for questions or feedback.