1 Overview

This minmal website contains information about the R course-sessions we will organize such as:

  • links to books and introductory material
  • homeworks (followed by solutions)

It will be updated regularly and I will point to updates in the course lectures!

My name is Henrik. I am a PhD-candidate in the Developmental Psychobiology lab group at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen. I find that the R programming language is an extremely useful tool for Scientists, especially (but not only) for data analysis and visualization. I can help you learning the basics of the R programming language and how to approach learning a programming language so you can advance in learning whatever is needed in your specific field.

Target audience:
Anyone at Donders Institute who would like to get started with the R programming language.

Learning goals:
Students will become familiar with the basics of the R programming language and the tidyverse style of R programming. The goal is that students will feel empowered to acquire any R skill that they need for their specific work.

How to make optimal use of this course:
Researchers are often highly variable in their understanding and knowledge of a particular programming language independent of their degree. To avoid wasting your time, check if the topic of a particular R meeting is useful for you. This course is meant for beginners who need guidance and who prefer learning a programming language in a group rather than by themselves.

1.1 Preparing for the course

1.1.1 Software setup

Follow the below steps before the course:

  1. Install/Update R: Download and install the newest R version.
  2. Install/Update Rstudio: Click here and choose “Rstudio Desktop” (Open Source License) to download the newest version of Rstudio.

1.2 Contact

Contact me via email for questions or feedback.