This work presents the working draft of the English translation of the “The Lives” book by Concordia Antarova. Widely known in Russian speaking spheres, and translated into French, this book remains to be largely unknown to English speaking population, despite its significant spiritual importance, comparable to that of “Book of Joy”.

Relevance to AI

While the efforts on translating this book into English continue, here the draft of it is used for Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, aiming at building the systems for automated analysis and translations of texts, using Deep Learning (a.k.a. Artificial Neural Networks) and other text mining packages.

The first Volume (of three) of the book is used. The original text in Russian and its English translation are provided. Text analysis results are provided at the end.

Other largely unknown to English public Russian texts of large spiritual significance include those by Nicholas Roerich and Helena Blavatsky. The vision is that one day the language will not matter - people from all cultural backgrounds will be able to enjoy and learn from all cultural heritage writings.


This work is done in support of the project. The project respects the intellectual property rights of all content creators.

The processing of this text is done with R and bookdown. The source is available at github.