Chapter 1 Preface

This book presents 19 based system with reproducible coding evidences that I discovered, tested and witnessed in a book fully written 1387 years ago (632) than the publication date (2019) of this book. Most of the codings could only be practically realized by the invention of computers. You will not only witness some of the miraculous examples of the 19 based codings but also have the ability to easily test them yourself by running the codes I will provide along with each coding evidence. It means all the evidences presented in this book are easily reproducible. You can analyze the codes for sanity check and even modify them to try your own different hypothesis on the text of the book under consideration. The book, in which I discovered the 19 based system, states that it is the word of God, sent by God to all humanity as the final and ultimate message and will also be always protected by God and thus must be unchanged. This book is Quran, the book of Islam religion that has around 1.8 billion adherents that makes up about 24% of the world population. I will demonstrate many reproducible evidences based on the codings of its text over number 19, which could only be realized and tested practically by the invention of computers.

To the best of my knowledge, almost all the 19 based coding evidences, presented in this book, were hypothesized, tested and witnessed first time by myself and will be revealed first time in this book. If I later realize that any of those evidences were already available in the literature before, then I will update this information in the book's online version. Therefore, this book is the first of its kind that provides easily testable and reproducible codes for testing evidences of the 19 based codings in the text of Quran.

Also, this book uses the full text of Quran that was written in Arabic from the very beginning in 632 and all Muslims keep currently as printed in their homes or can buy from any bookstore or can access from any website about Quran. In particular, I use the Hafs mushaf as the text of Quran, which is the most common one and is used by around 97% of Muslims. I declare here that I did not change or manipulated any part of Quran not even any of the letters of the original text. Therefore, this book has no relation to the early attempts on 19 based coding claims on the text of Quran, where acclaimed authors, unfortunately, manipulated parts of the text to end up with their own made up 19 system claim, which was unacceptable regarding data analysis. Because, once the text is manipulated to show the computed numbers match to 19, then it is not the evidence of the original text anymore but the numerology study of the manipulators. In the end, it is no surprise to get a desired result by manipulating any data! Data scientists often use this very famous quote of a Nobel economist to explain the situation:

"If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything." - Ronald Coase

Therefore, to make sure this study has a scientific approach with respect to analyzing the text data, I use the text of Quran as it was fully revealed 1387 (19x73) years ago and written down and still available in our hands as is.

By the way, the digits sum of 1387 (1+3+8+7) is also 19! These two examples are very interesting because they exemplify the two mathematical operations I use to test a number of interest in the book. I do not mention these two interesting examples as evidence but as interesting facts. I will talk about these 2019 events in the end of the book as it is more of personal than general.

Back to the main point, I declare again that I did not make any change regarding the original text and I did not even touch to a single letter of it. It is also worth mentioning that I would be considered as mostly illiterate by any Arabic speaker as I can just somewhat read Quran if the helper punctuation are made available in the text but cannot understand it except for some of the verses that I had memorized. I can only fully understand English and Turkish. I never wrote a single Arabic word by myself on a computer. I will discuss about the usefulness of this inability in the end of the book, but in short, this situation forces me to analyze the text of Quran as is with straight forward mathematical and algorithmic tests almost blindly on the main numbers of text of Quran. Even if I wanted to intervene, I do not have the capability to intervene to an Arabic text. This situation also proves that anyone with scientific knowledge could decode and witness the 19 based coding system of the text of Quran and it was not really a secret for only Arabic speakers. As any ordinary investigator can do, I downloaded the pure text of Quran from and tested some of my own hypothesis I had in mind. Since my approach is reproducible by anyone and thus unique and also the amount of evidences I witnessed was very large, I decided to write all those evidences along with their proofs as easily reproducible tests. And this book emerged as "Reproducible Miracle" whose title forced me to be as is!