Chapter 1 Welcome!

Here you will find supporting material on how to write academically. This guide is a generalized framework for seminar reports, bachelor and master theses.

Disclaimer: The following guidelines should not be seen as static set of immutable rules, but rather as a profound and generic guideline. This guide is subject to constant revision and extension! If you come across missing subjects, redundancies or inconsistencies, we are more than happy to receive your feedback on this guide and revise it accordingly.

1.1 Our Institute

We are a new institute at LMU Munich School of Management and conduct academically rigorous, relevant and exciting research and teaching in the domain of financial innovation and technology. We cover topics like high frequency trading, sustainable finance, cryptocurrencies, financial data science and the application of machine learning in capital markets. We present our research at international conferences and publish in leading journals. We will also collaborate directly with the financial industry and the local FinTech scene.

For more detailed information about our Institute, Teaching and Research activities visit our webpages.

1.2 How to use this Book

This bookdown document is designed to provide a comprehensive and introductory guide on academic researching and writing. We advise students to carefully read it before starting to work on their thesis. If you have questions which cannot be answered within the scope of these guidelines, reach out to your supervisor.

He highly recommend checking out University of Berkeley’s or University of Southern California’s guides on how to successfully write an academic paper.You should spend some time browsing through their pages.