11 Breaker Box Connections

Following switches from top-down, then left-right:

1,3: Main Disconnect
5,7: Air Conditioner
9,11: Condenser (Chiller, Filtration)
2: General Power (Lights and Outlet Box #1)
4: Outlet Box #2 (Tanks 17-20)
6: Outlet Box #3 (Tanks 13-16)
8: Outlet Box #4 (Tanks 9-12)
10: Outlet Box #5 (Tanks 5-8)
12: Outlet Box #6 (Tanks 1-4, outdoor sump pump)

Powering the container:

  1. Turn on (flip left to right) the Main Disconnect switches. Once powered, the remaining switches will supply power to their individual breakers.
  2. Turn on (flip right to left) the General Power switch. Once powered, the light switch to the right of the entrance will turn on/off the overhead light, the O2 sensor above the light switch will be activated, and all outlets in Outlet Box #1 will be active.
  3. Turn on (flip left to right) the Air Conditioner switches. Once powered, the A/C unit can be controlled via remote control or the front display panel on the unit.
  4. Switches 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 all correspond to outlet boxes lining the upper perimeter of the container. Each box is used to power up to two (2) Apex units and enough modules and other devices for up to four (4) tanks. Each outlet covering has a number corresponding to the labeling for these switches. To turn any or all on, flip the switch(es) right to left.
  5. Leave the Condenser switches (9 and 11) in the “off” position unless the chiller and filtration system become connected