Before you start the installation of R, make sure your computer software is up-to-date. To get the most out of R, it is usually best to update to the maximum possible operating system.

On a Mac, under the  you can find About This Mac. Then, in the Overview Tab you can find Software Update… and follow the instructions.


Download and install R. Follow the link below and choose the appropriate version.

Link: R


Download and install RStudio. RStudio is an interface which facilitates coding in R. We recommend RStudio Desktop.

Link: RStudio

R Markdown

Download and install R Markdown. R Markdown is an authoring framework in which you can combine your code and your comments into a report.

When you have finished installing R and RStudio you can install R Markdown: Open RStudio and go to the Console (the lower left window in RStudio). Then type the following line, and run it by pressing Enter.



Download and install LaTeX. LaTeX is a typesetting system which helps you write mathematical formulas and other technical documents. It is also needed to convert your report into a PDF.

You might already have a LaTeX distribution installed on your computer. If not, we recommend you install TinyTeX, which is a compact version of LaTeX. To install TinyTeX, go to the Console in RStudio and type the following line, and run it by pressing Enter.


The above code merely downloads an installer to your computer. Now, to use the installer, type the following line (also in the Console), and run it by pressing Enter.