1 Parsing save files from Franchise Hockey Manager 6

This tutorial hopes to teach you how to use R to parse and aggregate multiple saves from Franchise Hockey Manager 6, for instance when running multiple tests on the same season of Simulation Hockey League.

It has been updated to show the teams and Casino Lines for S61.

1.1 What is needed from FHM6?

Two things are needed from FHM for this tutorial to work.

  1. The saved files need to be called the same thing with a number attached at the end. For instance I usually name them something similar to:

  1. You need to Export CSV from each of the saves so that they end up in the folder import_export\csv of the saved game folder. This function is found under World in FHM6.

1.2 Too long did not read

A tldr is found in chapter 4. This chapter only contains all the code that you need to run.