I do not currently have a strong vision on the structure of this book yet, but for now, I just see it as a convenient place to dump my blog-like writings into, while also leveraging the power of R Markdown.

I expect most of the topics discussed to be centered around the world of finance - seeing as finance is the highest calling of mankind, it is only just to give finance its due. I would like to use a writing approach that is data-focused and visual heavy, which is partly the motivation for using R Markdown as the medium of choice. I expect that many of the articles will take on an exploratory tone, where I start a series of questions or a topic that I would like to learn more about and then walk through the process of acquiring a deeper understanding.

As of now, I do not expect that I will include many, if any code snippets in this book - though the entire source code will be available on my Github for the those who are interested. I am planning to write another book that is more heavily focused on the programming guides so I will try to keep code clutter out of the way of the primary content.


The types of topics discussed is still TBD, but after I’ve written more articles, I’ll dump some of the big categories here. It’ll probably end of being something like:

  • Finance
  • Stats