Chapter 4 Purpose of Sanat Kumara

The “Supreme Science of Contact” culminates with the Purpose of Sanat Kumara and its relationship to the seven Paths, human intelligence, and the Plan:

Purpose of Sanat Kumara: In esoteric philosophy, Sanat Kumara is a spiritual being considered to be the “Lord of the World.” According to your description, his Purpose is created through the synthesis revealed by the final seven Paths. These Paths, often mentioned in esoteric teachings, could symbolize different spiritual journeys or stages of enlightenment.

The Purpose, while grand and transcendent, is adapted to human intelligence through the Plan – an outlined method of spiritual evolution overseen by the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy, in this context, probably refers to a group of enlightened beings guiding humanity’s spiritual progress.

In the “glory of consummation,” when the Plan is completed, the Purpose will be revealed on all the seven planes of evolution. These planes can be interpreted as levels of consciousness or dimensions of existence in metaphysical thought.

The completion of this Plan will mark the end of evolution as we understand it, formulated and imposed by the Hierarchy. In its place, a “greater dynamic expansion” will occur, suggesting a profound transformation or leap in consciousness.

4.1 Plan as Substance

The Plan is dynamic substance, providing the content of the reservoir upon which the impressing agent can draw, and to which the recipient of the impression must become sensitive. This substantial energy — dynamic, impregnated with the energy of will, and held in solution by the will of Sanat Kumara — constitutes the reservoir from which impressing agents draw. Recipients must become sensitive to this substantial energy.

4.2 Plans of the Christ

The plans of the Christ for humanity’s release are more matured, for they had to wait until such time that the trend of human aspiration became more clearly emphatic; and the new era, with its latent possibilities can now be seen upon the horizon, stripped of the veils of glamour and wishful thinking which obscured it ten years ago. All of this is a challenge to the disciple. What is it that he must do?

The disciple has to take himself as he is, at any time, with any given equipment, and under any given circumstances; he then proceeds to subordinate himself, his affairs and his time to the need of the hour—particularly during the phase of group, national or world crisis. When he does this within his own consciousness and is, therefore, thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his own private affairs are taken care of, his capacities are increased and his limitations are forgotten. He takes his place with those who perceive the needs of the coming cycle—a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals must be stressed and for which a fight must be made, wherein the wider plans for the good of the whole must be understood, [Page 197] endorsed and preached, the new and clearer vision for human living must be grasped and finally brought into being, and a cycle wherein the effort of all members of the New Group of World Servers must be given to the lifting of humanity’s load.

There is a certain esoteric Mantram which embodies this attitude—the attitude of the disciple who is striving, in cooperative endeavour with others, to link hierarchical intent with human aspiration and thus bring humanity nearer to its goal. The intent of the Hierarchy is to increase men’s capacity for freedom in order to function effectively with that “life more abundantly” which the Christ will bring and which demands that the spirit of man be free—free to approach divinity and free also to choose the Way of that approach. The Mantram bears the name, “The Affirmation of the Disciple.” It involves certain inner recognitions and acceptances which are readily perceived by those whose intuition is sufficiently awake; but its meaning should not be beyond the ability of any sincere student and thinker to penetrate if it appeals to them as significant and warranting their effort.” -Master D.K.

The Affirmation of the Disciple

I am a point of light within a greater Light.

I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of Love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God.

And thus I stand.

I am a way by which men may achieve.

I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.

I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.

And thus I stand.

And standing thus, revolve

And tread this way the ways of men,

And know the ways of God.

And thus I stand.

4.3 The Power Grid: TRIANGLES

The etheric body can be studied from three perspectives:

  • As a mechanism that manifests through the nadis (lines of force) which, in turn, externalize themselves through the physical nervous system.

  • As a transmitter of various types of energy from different sources, which travel along or through the lines of force underlying the nadis. However, the word “tubes” used to describe this network can be misleading as language fails to accurately portray this concept.

  • These energies, depending on their source, quality, and purpose, form the seven major centers that condition many smaller subsidiary centers and finally manifest themselves through the seven major glands of the endocrine system.

The intersecting energies in the planet’s etheric body currently form a network of squares. As evolution progresses, these squares will transform into a network of triangles. This transformation is symbolically mentioned in the Book of Revelations as the “city which stands four-square.” The etheric vehicle of the planet, inherited from a previous solar system, is intended to be transformed into a triangular network in this solar system. In the next solar system, the etheric body will start as a network of triangles and evolve into interlinked circles or rings, indicating fulfilled interrelationships. By the end of this current system, each triangle’s points will establish a ninefold contact and energy flow, aligning with the nine possible initiations. Once the destined number of disciples have taken these initiations, the triangular formation of the planetary etheric body will be complete.